Press Echoes

What fascinated everyone in the audience from the very first minute was the exhilarating and - one might even say - passionate making of music which in spite of its musical verve never lacked discipline or even a certain strictness of form. The sound of the strings is excitingly powerful, almost "athletic", and of a liveliness which retains its suspense and purpose right down to the smallest of details.
Westdeutsche Allgemeine

One could hear a thoroughly homogenous, elastic string sound of both pure intonation and great precision even in the rhythmically difficult passages and transitions. Equally noticeable was a tremendous inner commitment surpassing the usual purely orchestral routine and above and beyond that a smooth instrumental skill. Cornelius Frowein proved an agile and energetic conductor, who formed the music with richness of variation and premeditation and led the ensemble to spirited as well as virtuos playing.
Coburger Tageblatt

The young string ensemble were convincing not only through their dedication and delight in playing – both could be felt by the audience – but exhibited above all a remarkable cohesion and high level of precision.
Mannheimer Morgen

From Monn to Bartok, the Sinfonietta Köln demonstrated a fine feeling for the authentic style of each epoch. This was put entirely at the service of the music and seemed perfectly effortless owing to the ensemble’s sovereign technical mastery and clean ensemble playing.
Westdeutsche Zeitung

The Sinfonietta Köln has a sound as musical as it is highly cultivated. Exactness reigned throughout. Clear, yet not overly blinding colouration, infallible accentuation. Transparency.
Wiesbadener Kurier

The most vital phrasing of an almost daring interpretation of the score witnessed here deserves the highest respect. Played forthrightly and directly and with overwhelming dynamic breadth of interpretation, the reins were not for a second slackened, with the result that the finale developed into a perfect example of fulminating orchestral virtuosity.
Rheinische Post